Advice for diving in bora bora 


 When you’re in Bora Bora you should try to stay with the same dive site so that you won’t have to be switching hotels and packing up your stuff all the time because the more times you pack up and move hotels the bigger of a chance you’ll have of forgetting something important. When you’re diving you should not cut a dive short without the rest of your group agreeing because if you do you might have forgotten where the boat is. If you’re snorkeling without a boat you should never go out more than 400 feet out from where you can touch the bottom with your feet by yourself because if your arm’s get tired you might not be able to make it back to shore. When scuba diving you should go at least 500 feet so you can see more of the deep water animals like dolphins and more deep water sharks. If you dive during the middle of the day, you should probably look for a hotel that has a buffet, because you might miss a meal so you should eat double at the next.