great dive sites in Bora Bora       

   When you’re in Bora Bora when you go scuba diving if you go diving you’ll see lots of sharks depending on what dive site you’re going to go diving with,or if you go snorkeling by yourself ,if you do go by yourself the conrad would be a cool place to stay. The Bora Bora diving environment is extraordinary and has very rare animals there. 

Miri Miri

You could go to Miri Miri it’s a semi deep water and deep water 15m-45m deep depending on you’re certification level and it’s a pretty good dive site they go to some pretty cool places.Miri Miri goes to lots of coral reefs that have lots of black tip reef sharks,sea turtles of many kinds and lots and lots of different kinds of fish. 



Tupiti is another one of the great dive sites in Bora Bora they dive 10m-40m and is for more experienced divers they swim in reefs with lots of swim throughs but the reefs however are not known for there animals but for the caves in the reefs but you will see white tip reef sharks turtles and of course a variety of fish few divers get to dive with  Tupiti because you need to be so experienced.



Anue is a good dive site to they have a great visibility with an average depth of 22m.Anue is a site for all level divers and is a great site for experienced divers too. Anue is a site that guarantees great gear and help for inexperienced divers and nice staff. Anue dives in great places so their customers can have a great time scuba diving with their staff at Bora Bora. They give their customers a great time and are a great site and there isn’t many complaints about them or their staff.




Haapiti is a great dive site and is available to all divers and has a maximum depth of around 30m below sea level. Haapiti dives in a slope covered with incredible corel and see lots of cool animals like black tip reef sharks very large grey sharks and  giant lemon sharks also visit these areas a lot. At Haapiti you will be exploring so many caves you won’t even be able to show on two hands.




Toopua is another good dive site in Bora Bora. Toopua is a lagoon dive site that doesn’t                    dive any more deep down then 30m. Toopua is known for the huge variety of animals they see. At the end of every dive you’ll go to an amazing coral reef with many different animals depending on what reef you go to because you never know what reef you’re going to go to at the end of you’re dive.